Professional Movers Laser focus on Pre-move planning Guarantees Happier Clients!


Our professional movers with MikeJ Ops Director at a morning briefing preparing
to service our customers!

This is a short rant or insiders perspective as to how we as a professional moving company and professional movers in general can put systems in place to better prepare ourselves to serve our customers on move day! For those looking to move soon…HIRE 404Movers, or if you choose another professional mover, make sure your mover is conscientious and asks some of the questions below and is clear on what you need done!

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Moving tips Part 1 of 10: Moving Appliances Safely!

Professionally transporting appliances, especially those linked to water lines is probably one of the most overlooked/ignored moving tips . Give heed to this series of moving tips because PREPARING properly for your move is KEY to a safe and stress free move. This is part 1 of a series of moving tips,inspired by things that I have seen go HORRIBLY wrong during my career in the moving industry. I have worked at several different Atlanta moving companies and without a doubt I can invariable state that properly preparing for and being aware of the risks involved in moving certain items can avert a lot of problems on move day!

a) Moving tips for appliances and the inherent risks of water lines!

Moving tips Part 1 of 10 Moving Your Appliances Safely!
62% of insurance claims are from plumbing failure and/or a hose or pipe bursting according to a study done by RotoRooter USA

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Moving tips Part 2 of 10: Staffing your move appropriately!

Two men and a truck is not always enough for your move! Staff appropriately!

By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs. Choose more than two men and a truck if you have a large move
By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs

When you decide to move it is VERY important that you don’t make the mistake that we see more than any other, that of customers requesting only two men and a truck to perform their move(s) in an effort to save some cash. An understandable goal but approached counter-intuitively all too often!

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