You've got questions, we've got answers-F.A.Qs!


Is licensed and insured?

Yes! We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Public Safety-LIC #50311 . This means that we have met the State of Georgia and DOT (Department of Transportation) background, net-worth, insurance and educational requirements. Make sure that any mover you use is licensed apart from any monetary losses you may occur dealing with an unlicensed and insured mover...your family's safety is an even higher priority.

How do you calculate the charges?

404Movers charges a low hourly fee for your move. For billing purposes, the time starts when our truck gets to your property and ends when all of your furniture has been offloaded and arranged to your satisfaction at the destination. We then calculate the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly rate bill you accordingly. Payment is due at the completion of the move. We DO NOT provide payment plans!

What are your payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and/or cash as forms of payment. There is a 3% fee added to all credit card payments! All credit card payments MUST provide identification matching the card details and the person (card owner) must sign and be present to sign.

How do you protect our furniture during the move to prevent damages?

We use professional moving blankets, stretch wrap and tape to protect your furniture at no additional cost to you.

Do you require a deposit to schedule a move?

We require a $100 deposit to confirm/reserve your move. This ($100) is not money we keep, it will be deducted from your final bill at the completion of your move. We do this to ensure that when we send trucks out to a move there is a move to be had. Unfortunately, we had one too many situations whereby we sent movers half way across town only for the client decide not to move and "forget"to let us know this while there is another moving company pulling up as we leave. It is a commitment from you and a commitment from us that we will indeed show up and this protects our interests as well as yours. On the customer side some Atlanta Movers will NOT collect a deposit then when they find a more lucrative move they do not show up and shelve you for a higher dollar move.

Do you disconnect and reconnect appliances?

We can move your washer & dryer for you, however the actual disconnecting and reconnecting should be handled by an appliance specialist. If we disconnected or reconnected your appliances and a leak occurred we would be liable, so we recommend homeowners disconnect or reconnect appliances themselves or have a trusted appliance specialist/plumber do so. The other option is for you to sign a waiver.

How do you determine charges after the 2 hour minimum is up?

We prorate every 15 minutes after the 2 hour minimum is up.
Eg-1) If your move takes 2 hrs 15 minutes the final fee would be 2.25hrs multiplied by the hourly rate plus (Travel Time)=$ Final Bill!
Eg-2) If your move takes 3 hrs 20 minutes the final fee would be 3.5hrs multiplied by the hourly rate plus (Travel Time)=$ Final Bill!

(Notice that the time is rounded up to the next quarter hour. So in the case of a move taking 3 hrs 20 minutes we would round up to 3.5 hrs for billing purposes)

Should I empty dresser drawers?

Yes, we generally recommend as a best practice, that customers empty dresser drawers. The weight of the dresser when weighted down with clothes and all manner of "stuff" poses an additional risk of damage to your furniture and property especially when the dressers/furniture has to be carried down staircases and manoeuvred around corners. Some furniture (especially pressed wood or particle board) does fine when sitting on the floor but the stresses it undergoes when moved can cause it to come apart.

All drawers/furniture made of Pressed Wood or Particle Board MUST be completely empty. The contents of all desk drawers must be removed. Standard file cabinets (2 drawers only) can stay packed, however, the drawers either must be locked or securely taped shut. Lateral and Fireproof file cabinets must be emptied.

Clothing may remain in dresser drawers, but please remove fragile, valuable, and heavy items (i.e. perfume, jewellery, books, papers, etc.)

What do I do if I notice something wrong with the charges post move?

Please email outlining the error. Please be as detailed as possible!

What happens if my move happens on a day of bad weather?

We always do our utmost to complete your move as safely as possible regardless of weather conditions. Our primary concern is the safety of our movers and your belongings. Common sense will prevail. If it is raining hard or if conditions are too slippery to execute a safe move then we will reschedule for the next most convenient date.

Will I receive a call or notice before the 404 Mover’s Crew arrives at my house?

Answer: Absolutely!
We will call and email you the 24 to 48 hours befoe your move to reconfirm you as well as to ensure that we come properly prepared and equipped for your move. You will also receive texts and emails 72 hours, 48 hrs, 24 hours and on the morning of your move. As a final fail-safe, you will also get a call from the head mover the day of!

Gratuity for Movers/Packers

We only mention this because so many people ask. It is customary in the moving industry, though it is not mandatory. If you feel that your movers have done a good job for you and you would like to tip them, you can either give the Foreman the full amount and it will be divided equally among the crew members, or you can give the tip to each mover individually, based upon your assessment of their performance.

What about appliances?

404 Movers will disconnect and reconnect washers, dryers and refrigerators, as long as the right connections are in place and a waiver/release signed acknowledging that we will not be held responsible for burst water lines or electrical damage of any kind.

We will not replace electrical cords on dryers. Refrigerator doors sometimes need to be removed in order to go through narrow hallways or doors. 404 Movers will not take off doors that have water or electrical connection going through them and we will not remove freezer bottom drawers on refrigerators. If you know that this needs to be done in order to move the refrigerator in or out of the area where it is located, please contact an appliance company to do that ahead of time.

Under no circumstances will 404 Movers be involved in such tasks. Front loaders washers/dryers have locks to secure the drum while en transit. Failure to install/insert these may result in damage to the unit(s). 404 Movers can install and remove these locks, but you must provide these locks in order for 404 Movers to move the washer in a safe manner (these locks usually come with the washer when purchased.) 404 Movers will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical or electronic equipment (which may be a loose wire, blown fuse, etc.)

Press wood/Pressboard/Particle board aka Ikea type wood furniture?

Any kind of furniture that is made out of this material will have very limited to no value as far as liability of the company. 404 Movers will attempt to disassemble or reassemble furniture made of this material ONLY if client signs a waiver acknowledging that this furniture is of a fragile nature and is prone to damage to the point that ALL MAJOR MOVERS AND CARRIERS do not cover this under their liability clause/contract. This type of "wood" furniture may be destroyed in transit or during assembly or reassembly...even by the slightest bump.

What about jewelry and other valuables…can you move high value items?

Please note that we will not be liable for any valuables such as documents, medicine, priceless items, jewellery, and currency.

What is the best practise for transporting Plasma and Flat Screen/ Flat Panel TV’s?

Plasma and Flat Screen/Flat Panel TV’s are highly susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is best for moving them. These items must be crated or packed in original boxes or boxes designed for proper shipment.

When does the clock start for my move?

Then clock starts when the moving van arrives at the pickup location and not from the time the moving van leaves our office!

When does the clock stop for billing purposes?

When the last item is off the moving van and the movers have arranged the furniture to your satisfaction!

Do you have a minimum number of hours?

All moves have a 2 hour minimum! This means if you move take 5 minutes or 90 minutes anything below 2 hours is charged/billed for 2 hours!

Question: Do you assemble and disassemble furniture?

Yes we do. Most pieces of furniture we have no problem assembling and dissassembling. However every so often we come across pieces that would need a professional carpenter to put together. Most furniture again is not an issue!