Moving tips Part 2 of 10: Staffing your move appropriately!

Two men and a truck is not always enough for your move! Staff appropriately!

By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs. Choose more than two men and a truck if you have a large move
By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs

When you decide to move it is VERY important that you don’t make the mistake that we see more than any other, that of customers requesting only two men and a truck to perform their move(s) in an effort to save some cash. An understandable goal but approached counter-intuitively all too often!

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Quality Atlanta MoversChoosing the wrong moving company can be avoided by a little planning on the front end. Unlicensed movers have no vested interest in ensuring your items are handled with care and respect and not destroyed/damaged in the process! What would you do in that kind of situation? Probably get very angry and find yourself shouting at them, right? This however does not get you back your stuff or even pay for the damage. So, to save yourself countless unanswered calls and headache on the back end in an effort to get the moving company to repair your broken furniture make goodinformed choices to begin with. Here are some of the MUST have qualities your mover needs to have.

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Movers in Atlanta celebrate low cost moving company!

The terms “affordable mover” or “cheap movers” are not often used to describe movers in Atlanta.

Movers in Atlanta are expensive! Until now!
Movers in Atlanta have always been expensive…until now!

The process of selecting a moving company in Atlanta not to mention the cost of of moving itself, is taxing to say the least. The rates that movers in Atlanta charge are through the roof.

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Professional Movers name 5 things that set them apart!

1) QUALITY service delivery at a LOW PRICE

 Professional Movers
404Movers Strives to be the best all around Atlanta Professional Movers

Striking a balance between giving consumers a fair price and quality service can leave a lot to be admired, because corners are cut or surprise fees are added at the end of the move to make up for the “incredible” deal you were given.
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