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Atlanta Movers | Moving Company Atlanta

Atlanta Movers | Moving Company Atlanta

404 Movers would like to be your Atlanta mover of choice and we look forward to expertly executing your move and having you, your friends and family aboard as a long term clients on this and future moves. We keep our overhead low so that we are always be extremely cost competitive considering how expensive an Atlanta Move can be.

As you research movers in the Atlanta area, please keep this age old adage in mind, “you get what you pay for” and that anything too good to be true more often than not is. There are many dubious, low cost Atlanta Movers that offer low ball prices to entice unwitting clients into a situation that often leads to botched moves, frustration, unmet promises, damaged furniture, not to mention theft and convicted felons in your home or office with your belongings.

Atlanta Movers | Moving Company Atlanta

Detailed Planning as the cornerstone of a stress-free Atlanta Move

1. Free Onsite walk though of your home
Each move is unique and it is important for us to conduct a brief walk-through of your home to avert un-forseen situations that can adversely affect the time and resources (manpower) it takes to successfully execute your move your move. Over the phone estimates are all well and good but to save you time and money this is recommended…and free

2. Inventory
We work with you to create a detailed inventory of the furniture/goods you would like moved on move day.

3. Your Atlanta Move Plan!
The devil is in the details when it comes to moving and small overlooked factors can lead to big avoidable issues. Once we understand your needs we put together a thorough Atlanta Move Plan that covers the specifics of your move including

  • The number of men assigned to your move.
  • Quote-the discounted hourly price or your flat rate price should you choose this option.
  • Day and time of your planned move
  • Expected number of hours or days time to complete your move
  • Additional Stops during the move e.g Storage
  • Move planner to give you a game plan i.e timelines for you to perform certain tasks that will reduce your stress levels before during and after move day

4. Packing
You can pack yourself or we can pack for you. We provide packing materials and boxes at discount prices that will be delivered to your location in advance of your move. We cannot stress enough, the importance of the right kind of packing materials to protect your property and avoid breakages. We take special note of things that need special packaging and prone to breakage like:

  • Flat Screen T.V’s and other electronics
  • Artwork
  • Hanging Clothes-These may need wardrobe boxes e.g prom dresses, expensive suites and dresses.
  • Lamps
  • Some plants

5. High Rise buildings and Apartments Complexes with elevators and loading docks
If you are moving from or to an Apartment Complex or Building with elevators or moving docks we STRONGLY recommend that you contact building management in advance of your move to reserve elevators and/or moving docks to prevent delays.

6. Move Day
We will email you the day before your move to remind you of your move and any last minute details. Our Movers will call you the day of your move to let you know they are on their way and expected arrival time. Upon arrival at your home or office they will:

  • Install floor and door protection to protect your property
  • Disassemble beds, desks or any other items that are best transported this way.
  • Professionally wrap pad and protect your furniture
  • Professionally pack and load our truck(s) with your furniture/goods

7. Move to location
Our movers will again install floor, door and wall protection to protect your property at the destination. We will then unload the truck and position your furniture wherever you please in your new home.

To get the ball rolling please complete the form to the right of this page and a Move Consultant will call you within 30 minutes during business hours or call our office directly at 404-532-9055.

Atlanta Movers | Moving Company Atlanta

Why Choose Us? We are the Best Moving Company in Atlanta

At 404 Movers we believe that customers have the right to accurate and transparent information concerning local Atlanta Movers. We pride ourselves as being one of the best moving companies in Atlanta because we put you and your concerns first.

This easy to navigate Atlanta Mover comparison shopping guide cuts through all the clutter and marketing speak by quickly summarizing and highlighting the different price points, fees and corresponding service levels that you can expect to receive not only from us and some of the other leading moving companies in Atlanta. Take a moment to read it and watch the video so that you can better understand your options in the market place and make an informed decision that leads you to the best possible choice for your move.

Lastly remember that pricing is only half the equation and selecting a mover SOLELY based on the lowest price mover may lead to you to paying a much larger bill overall when all is said and done. There are other key considerations that you need to be aware of that are covered in our Atlanta Mover comparison shopping guide.

Best Moving Company in Atlanta

How do we reduce your overall cost?-Detailed Move Plan!

Manpower-Why should I care?
Having a sufficient number of men allocated to your Atlanta move can GREATLY impact your FINAL BILL ---and your SANITY. Be careful of movers that as an illustration, assign two men to a move that really needs four or five. While the lower cost of fewer movers seems attractive, the move will take a lot longer and result in a substantially higher bill. In moving industry jargon this practice is called “bleeding the clock” and it can be the stuff of nightmares.

Free in home estimates-What is this and why is it important?
We provide Free In Home Estimates, which is basically a visual inspection of the “move from” location and access points like the driveway, elevators, stairs and at times-the destination as well. This is of paramount importance because unless an onsite inspection is conducted, your move may end up costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars over what you were initially quoted, not to mention needless aggravation.

Flat Rate Pricing -What this means for your move?
Knowing the total cost of your move upfront means you will have a better handle on your moving costs without worrying about clock watching. Our Flat Rate Pricing ensures simplicity and transparency without any “surprise up-selling” of services or tacking on of miscellaneous charges at the end. One fee regardless of the time it takes to complete your move.

Financing your move
Finance your move with our move now pay later option. If finances are a little tight and you are moving on a budget…take your time to pay for your move.

Small and specialty moves
We can also handle the moving of specialty pieces/items that are large, heavy and odd sized like pianos, safes and pool tables. See our small moves page for more information.

We care
We are a small local family owned company and we realize that your move is brought about by life transitions, some painful and some joyous. This alone can be very physically and emotionally taxing not to mention the expense of it all.

Best Moving Company in Atlanta

Best Moving Company in Atlanta

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