By selecting a licensed and insured Atlanta moving company you have made a smart choice towards protecting your move.

Use the form below to select and pay for your valuation coverage before your move

The video above explains the valuation coverage options available for you to protect your belongings. Please watch it and if you have any questions please email us or contact us via text, phone call or email immediately via the chat app at the bottom of your screen.

The short version of how valuation coverage works

  • There are 3 valuation coverage protection options available to protect your property from loss (damage, theft, fire) when moving.
  • #1 is the 60 cents per pound option aptly named option 1 (Released value protection)
  • #2 is Option 2a (Full Value Protection). This option has NO deductible AT A CHARGE OF $13 PER $1000 OF DECLARED VALUE!
  • #3 is Option 2b (Replacement Value). This option has a $300 deductible! AT A CHARGE OF $4.25 PER $1000 OF DECLARED VALUE!

Prior to moving, you must select one of the options!
Option #1 (Depreciated value) is $0 out of pocket while option #2 and #3 have a cost attached to them based on the number of rooms of the property at the origin (See table below).

Example. So if you have a 6 bedroom home and you want a no deductible option for your move you would go to the first column (room count) then go scroll down to “6 rooms” then move along to option 2a (no deductible) and that would be your additional charge/fee…simple!

Rooms Count Replacement Value No Deductible-Option 2a Option 2b-$300 Deductible
4 Rooms $260 $85
5 Rooms $325 $106.25
6 Rooms $390 $127.50
7 Rooms $455 $148.75
8 Rooms $520 $170
9 Rooms $585 $191.25
10 Rooms $650 $212.50
11 Rooms $715 $233.75
12 Rooms $780 $255
13 Rooms $845 $276.25
14 Rooms $910 $281
15 Rooms $975 $318.75
16 Rooms $1040 $340
17 Rooms $1,105 $361.75
18 Rooms $1170 $382.50
19 Rooms $1235 $403.75